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Domain Backorder FAQ

What is domain backorder?

Domain backordering refers to a service that most domain registrars offer which will allow you to register a domain name that will soon be expiring in hopes of capturing the rights to that domain name before someone else grabs it. Backordering a domain saves you time and increases your odds of securing the domain name when it expires. Keep in mind the domain is not yet available when you are placing a backorder.

How much does it cost to backorder a domain name?

The great thing about backordering a domain is that you pay nothing up front. It is a completely complimentary service to you. You will only pay when we successfully secure the domain name for you. If a Domain Name goes into auction, the Domain will then goes to the highest bidder, upon completion of the auction.

What happens after you have successfully secured the domain name for me?

After we have secured your domain name for you, we will contact you immediately. We will have you pay the fixed price that is agreed upon at that time. The domain will then be delivered to one of our partnering registars. You will have full domain control at this time. You are able to verify this in the WHOIS record database.

What will happen when two or more backorders are made for the same domain?

If two or more account holders have backordered the same domain name before it has become available, then once the domain becomes available with, the domain will go into a private auction for 3 days.

Why should I backorder with you?

You should backorder with us for numerous reasons. We will only charge you when we have successfully secured the domain name. Our fee is the same regardless of the appraisal value of the domain.

What are some advantages in backordering?

By placing a bid on a domain name means you are expressing interest in owning that domain name. Please keep in mind domain names are one of a kind and hold value on many different levels you might not be aware of. There are SEO advantages, better trafficking to your current site and much more.

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